KPL Axial Flow Propeller Pump



The KPL axial-flow propeller pump is designed for high flow at low head.

With a flow capacity of up to 700 m3/min at a head of up to 9 m, the Grundfos KPL axial-flow propeller pump is ideal for flood control as well as other applications where large volumes of water are to be moved.

Each KPL pump is individually engineered to suit your requirements, ensuring cost-efficient performance. For optimum results, contact Grundfos during your planning stages; that allows us to consider aspects such as pumping station design, pump selection, future requirements, and the total life cycle costs.


Built to handle large quantities of raw water, the pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications such as

  • flood and storm water control
  • large-volume drainage and irrigation
  • raw-water intake
  • circulation of large quantities of water, e.g. in water parks
  • water-level control in coastal and low-lying areas
  • filling and emptying of dry docks and harbour installations
  • filling or emptying of reservoirs
  • treated sewage
  • cooling-water intake in power stations
  • process and discharge water
  • other low- to medium-head/high-flow applications.


Features and benefits

Reliability meets excellent value

  • Quality products
  • robust, reliable and cost-effective
  • maximum value for money.

Minimum, easy service

  • Simple pump design ensures lasting, trouble-free operation
  • All pumps are individually tested and registered; as a result, the right spare parts can be supplied very efficiently, even after many years.


Wide choice

  • All models available in cast iron or stainless steel
  • 50 or 60 Hz
  • special materials such as propeller in aluminium bronze as standard and stainless steel available on request
  • high-voltage models available, up to 10 kV on special request)
  • pump and motor size up to 1 MW on special request.


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  • Quality products
  • Robust, reliable and cost-effective
  • Maximum value for money




KPL and KWM - Brochure

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Release date: 01-09-2011

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